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Go Green !! - Get info/ Give feedback/ Report issues about trees using your iPhone
Following software is required for the deployment of this application

  • ArcGIS 10.0 for Desktop – Standard or Advanced
  • ArcGIS 10.0 for Server - Standard or Advanced, or an ArcGIS Online organizational account
Keep yourself updated regarding various trees in your locality; provide updates regarding facts/importance/condition of a tree using Tree11 iPhone application. Add information about an existing tree or add a new tree with its photograph to the database by using this application. Citizens can report issues on the status or condition of a tree for e.g., needs water, dead branch, was mulched etc. Interesting facts about trees e.g., medicinal uses, historical importance and other trivia can also be reported and viewed. Citizens can also subscribe to a tree by submitting their email address.
  • Get information or provide feedback/interesting facts about a tree
  • Add information about existing trees
  • Add new trees with photographs
  • Report on status or condition of tree
  • Subscribe to a tree by submitting the email address