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Quickest way to find a restaurant nearby you on map. Rate, review and share restaurants in your locality.
Following software is required for the deployment of this application

  • ArcGIS 10.0 for Desktop – Standard or Advanced
  • ArcGIS 10.0 for Server - Standard or Advanced, or an ArcGIS Online organizational account
When you are hungry and need to find a place to eat, get iRestaurant an iPhone app that smartly helps you to search and locate restaurants. Now you won’t have to sit in your hotel room wondering, is there anything good nearby? Is there even anything open? Specify the desired location and set the restaurant preference based on location/food type/service/price/buffer area and iRestaurant will quickly search and locate the restaurants. Don’t worry if you are in a strange city, iRestaurant will help you by providing the driving directions to the restaurant. View reviews and ratings submitted by users and submit your review/rating for a restaurant.
  • Filter restaurant based on Location/Food Type/Price/Service/Buffer area
  • Virtual slot machine to choose the location, category of food and price range of the food, shake, and you are presented with a random choice
  • Restaurants are located on the map providing the facility to view the details
  • Display route and driving directions to reach the restaurant
  • Directly call the restaurant by taping the telephone number
  • View/Submit user reviews/ratings