GIS - ERP Integration

CyberTech gives a spatial dimension to the business applications by integrating web based mapping application with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in real time. Enterprises can now make quick-effective decisions by the ability to visualize the output of both the systems (ERP-GIS) on a screen. The power of mapping application provides graphical representation of natural objects (trees/roads/buildings/meters/fire-stations/others) on the map while the ERP system enables to manage workflows, monitor business indicators, and manage people/resources and material procurements. Ability to represent work orders and notifications at their exact location on a map will help enterprises to increase resource utilization, asset integrity, improve workforce productivity, and reduce service costs. Business can now analyze supply chain, distribution and service vulnerabilities from a geographic perspective. These integrating solutions help business sort customers for a particular product or attributes and then map those preferences by region, state or neighborhood and use the data, in combination with demographic data, to focus marketing, sales or distribution.

Facilities Management

CyberTech’s geospatial solutions for the facilities management can be used throughout the life cycle of a facility – from site selection, design and construction, maintenance and adaptation. These solutions can be used in any sized organization, from a one building facility to an entire campus, in both private and public sectors. It can be used to plan and adequately manage the physical aspects of any facility—an office, a warehouse, a school district, or entire plant. Public and private sector can now enhance community services by analyzing space use, space availability, space optimization, and streamline asset information collection. Agencies can now visualize the impact of proposed building projects on campus environment, conduct line of sight analysis, visualize proposed space planning scenarios and make the best decision about where to locate next office building, plant, store, or campus.

Social Media Integration

To meet the growing demands of the public and private sector agencies to improve community services CyberTech introduces location mapping solution that integrates with social media sites. Citizens can express concerns and share thoughts with government officials/agencies via an interactive map which in turn can help government leaders to respond the community issues effectively. Agencies can benefit by these solutions to track street protests, attend disaster sites such as earth quake affected locations, broadcast the desired information thru map based social media sites.

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