Local Government


Effective management of election has been a challenge for most of the government authorities’ world-over. Managing electors and managing the geography of the polling locations are the major challenges. People change their base by moving in-out of jurisdiction, polling locations shift based on the population and availability. Election staff needs to keep a track of the eligible voters for their area, eligible voters need to find their polling place and route to reach the polling place while the political parties are interested in the vote count and the demographics. CyberTech’s geospatial Election solution meets the demands all the stakeholders by using the power of GIS. The robust database provides the facility to manage voter address data, determining polling location and details, disclosing precinct maps with the demographic data, delivering real-time election results and much more. Using our solutions election officials can instantly access electors’ information, manage polling locations, while voters can identify their polling location and the route to reach the polling place and cast their vote on time simultaneously the political parties can get instant vote count updates for various polling locations.

Public Works

Public Works department provides variety of services ranging from traffic engineering, bridge inspection, highway maintenance, sanitation, sign management, parks and facilities and others to strengthen the country’s infrastructure. To meet these demands they rely on variety of information such as work order systems, asset management systems, permitting systems, complaint center systems, and others, which is a major hurdle as each system offers a different array of interfaces and data to complete tasks. To meet the growing challenges of the Public works department CyberTech introduces a stand-alone geospatial solution that allows working with different data types and automating the tasks, improves productivity and efficiency by linking various divisions in public works departments. Using this application you will be able to streamline workflow processes and enhance customer service.


CyberTech’s Geospatial solutions help Government officials and municipal corporations to provide better health care services to their citizens. Using location based solution for data management, analysis and visualization; government officials can better access community needs, map market demand assessment, market segmentation, evaluate country’s health opportunities and availability of existing health care services which are useful to setup a new health facility such as hospital, dispensary, blood-bank, diagnostic centers, and other services. Facility to get the route from a location to the healthcare provider along with directions and landmarks helps citizens to reach the nearest medical facility, and thus improve response time during emergency.

Land Records

Government officials, planners, land administrators, as well as individual citizens all have the need for land information. CyberTech offers exclusive location based solutions providing accurate land records which are crucial for public services, emergency management, public works and homeland security planning. Visualization and spatial analysis of land data facilitates government or public sector agencies to plan day-day and future needs of the society. Robust and highly secured geospatial database helps to manage large amount of land data at a centralized location.

Planning & Development

Looking into the growing demands of the planning and development professionals to meet the global challenges, CyberTech offers mapping solutions providing comprehensive approach to resolve planning problems. Planners and managers can now take effective decisions; improve the efficiency of the city government and their administration processes. Planning professionals can access accurate real-time urban/regional land data, transportation networks and housing stocks and the ability to visualize the data on the maps helps them to take effective decisions and improve the efficiency by forecasting community needs. These solutions will help planners; in site selection and suitability analysis and for finding the right sites to locate new businesses and grow existing ones. Integrating geographic data with geo-processing, modeling and visualization tools, planners can evaluate the impact of human activities and land-use changes on the built environment. Planning professionals can now add a new dimension to city development - city wide constructions, drainage system, traffic control, and other engineering applications.

Environmental Management

CyberTech introduces exclusive geospatial solution for the government, scientists, and environmentalists to manage, protect and preserve the environment. It allows better viewing and understanding physical features and the relationships that influence in a given critical environmental condition. These location based solutions help to create a robust and accurate centralized environmental inventory data which can be used to analyze environmental hazards and risks. These solutions can also be used to assess the environment effect of change (natural or man-made) upon a location's resources and provides the ability to measure areas, calculate degrees of change, visualize changes over time, report or share the findings. Environmentalists can use these solutions in ecology labs of parks, agencies, planning departments etc. to promote sustainable growth. It helps them to study animal populations at a variety of scales, habitat corridors, migration patterns, mapping and inventorying vegetation across landscapes.


CyberTech brings a solid foundation of competitive geospatial solutions to help forest officials turn challenges into opportunities and save the forestry. Using these location based solutions forestry consultants can help their government clients accurately evaluate forest conditions and develop strategies for operational management. These location based solutions help to create a robust and accurate centralized forest inventory data which can be used to analyze and calculate the harvestable timber in the forest or model the spread of a forest fire, protect wildlife habitat, plan roads/parks and for other operational planning activities. These solutions help to distinguish important terrain elements and render the planning boundaries, landownership, and shaded relief for resource management plans. Forest managers can quickly access ecological data across the region and develop local and regional views of forests and grasslands.


Considering the needs of the government to save the oceans, CyberTech is introducing exclusive mapping applications to easily identify and communicate locations in the oceans. These location based solutions enable to integrate coastline, depth, channel, obstruction, and landmark information, resulting in improvements in navigational efficiencies, and greater situational awareness. Mariners can achieve their goals in coastal zone management, research, ocean industries, and navigation. Integrating real-time topographic and hydrographic data enhances navigational system by displaying the routes and vessels on the map. Ability to easily search locations on the map based on bearing and distance help to easily identify the location of toxic spills, shark attacks, marine debris mapping and others. Benthic habitat mapping enables policy makers, scientists, and researchers to make informed decisions that help protect the nation’s coastal areas by shoreline analysis, climate change, including measuring or simulating the potential impacts of sea-level rise on shorelines and wetlands, impacts of storms due to increasing ocean temperatures fisheries and aqua culture management, analyze the area affected by tsunamis/hurricanes/coastal flooding and others on the map.

Water Resources

To meet the growing concerns of the government and hydrologists to manage water resources; CyberTech has introduced a geospatial solution that enables to access water quality and manage water resources for domestic, agricultural, industrial and environmental use. Government officials and Hydrologists can study the spatial aspects of the distribution and movement of water in landscape, analyze the quality and movement of water which helps to identify the location of possible sources of pollution and thus address water management challenges. Ability to identify and visualize the location of droughts/floods on the map helps to manage the available resources to benefit the communities. It provides a consistent method for watershed analysis using DEMs and standardized datasets such as land cover, soil properties, gauging station locations, and climate variables. Calculate loads to a surface water body or monitor water quality changes within a water body such as a river or bay. These location based solutions can also be used to identify and map critical areas of land use and reveal trends that affect water quality. Government can manage water resources for agricultural and conservation purposes. It can also be used to plot the loss of water from soil drainage and unlined canals, as well as help determine the suitability, cost-effectiveness, and prioritization of canal piping projects.


Which school should your child attend? Is the common question faced by the parents and running around schools to analyze the best school is a daunting task. On the other hand the government Education department is facing the challenges to meet the expectations of the citizens as well as the schools in admitting the students in their school. Having expertise in the geospatial technology CyberTech has developed a unique solution to answer the problems faced by the parents as well as the school management. Citizens will now be able to visually locate the best school in the vicinity by comparing various schools based on the parameters such as programs, amenities, enrollment and performance. Facility to display the bus route/walking route to the school along with the bus stops will help the students as well as the travel agencies providing the bus services. Facility to display the demographics will help to meet the demands of citizens against the availability of schools. Using this solution the government will be able to meet the needs and demands of the most important city service – providing the source of education to the future generation.

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