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Improve and simplify communication with your citizens; Strategic solutions for governments and public service agencies to enhance services to citizens, save money and generate revenue

Today in this fast paced generation; citizens’ demands from the government has increased. They expect government to improve citizen relations, increase administrative efficiency and provide reliable communication channel. To meet the increasing demands of the citizens government officials are exploring new ways to cope with the challenges of the globalization, emerging technologies and a more connected citizen base. Local government and local authorities are looking for strategic solutions to enhance services for citizens, automate tasks, increase efficiency, save money and generate revenue. CyberTech’s spatial solutions leverage the growing demands of the citizens and provide an outstanding approach to meet the needs of various departments of local government. Local government authorities can use our robust county apps spatial solutions to view, manage, analyze, distribute, and publish data.

Our very successful product GeoCivic - County GIS is made to serve almost all the needs of a county in terms of GIS requirements. It is easy to integrate with a County’s existing systems and comes with vast variety of customizable applications.

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