Public Safety

Fire Management

We have incidents of fire related natural disasters burning forests and range lands, threatening public safety, destroying property and damaging natural resources. It is necessary to protect communities, infrastructure and natural resources from fire damage. CyberTech’s robust integrated geo-spatial solution deals with emergency preparedness, response and recovery measures with a view to mitigate human suffering and loss of property caused by fire related natural disasters and emergency incidents threatening life and property. Firefighters, rescue workers and other emergency personnel can use this application to plan against, prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies and disasters due to fire incidents. Visualizing fire incidents and threat zones on the map will improve the response time, enhance safety and enable seamless planning to handle fire emergencies.

Law Enforcement

We provide solutions to help law enforcement agencies accelerate public safety. Our GIS based solution caters to all the roles and aspects of law enforcement. Law enforcement agencies can use this solution to determine optimal locations to deploy resources, perform resource analysis and allocation. Identify, examine, and analyze trends of suspicious activity and threats and make informed decision and operational adjustments. They can also exchange information with other law enforcement agencies to seek assistance during emergency.

Disaster Management

A safe community is the need of the hour taking into consideration the range of natural disasters and emergency incidents threatening life and property. Facility to access comprehensive data and visualize critical vulnerabilities and damage consequences helps to take quick and effective decisions. It helps to prepare for and mitigate emergency/disaster management. CyberTech’s Emergency/Disaster management solution addresses the complex needs of public safety and national security agencies.

National Security

CyberTech’s cutting-edge security solutions apply the latest technologies to safeguard the citizens and protect the homeland. Homeland/National Security agencies have a daunting task; border protection, disaster response, consequence management, and defending the homeland which requires the need to share information securely and in real time. Expectations and needs of the citizens are not only to provide security services but they also expect agencies to be proactive and promptly and effectively respond during crisis situations. Public sector, government, or non-profit agencies can benefit from our geospatial security solutions with robust database providing the ability to exchange critical information among the agencies to fight crime and keep public and communities protected.

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