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With a keen focus on the complete view of police processes, technology and outcomes, we help police forces and other public safety agencies reduce the time, cost and risk associated with various activities.

To meet the growing demands of the public safety department and ensure a safe society for the citizens CyberTech introduces a gamut of applications which help to identify crime affected locations on the map and analyze crime incidents, track vehicles and personnel, identify and locate warrants and gangs, generate various reports to analyze crime type, generate route to visit crime locations. The public safety department can use this application to improve policing attempts to fight crime and help deploy resources more effectively, locate crime affected areas on the map, analyze and pre-plan to safeguard the area, plan and allocate the professionals at various crime affected locations to mitigate the crime incidents. Expectations and needs of the citizens are not only to provide security services but they also expect agencies to be proactive and promptly and effectively respond during crisis situations. Public sector, government, or non-profit agencies can benefit from our geospatial security solutions with robust database providing the ability to exchange critical information among the agencies to fight crime and keep public and communities protected.

If you are looking for a customizable suite of GIS application specifically tailored for Police Departments, Real Time Crime Centers and Public Safety agency then checkout our product GeoShield.

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