Infuse the power of location into your business application.

CyberTech gives a spatial dimension to the business applications by integrating web based GIS application with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in real time and provides ability to query, view and process business transactions in the ERP system from the map without having the need to switch between GIS & ERP systems.  Enterprises can thus take quick-effective decisions by the ability to visualize the output of both the systems (ERP-GIS) on a screen. Ability to represent work orders and notifications at their exact location on the map helps to increase resource utilization and asset integrity, improve workforce productivity, and reduce service costs. Our geospatial solution integrates social media sites with GIS technology and provides the facility to locate and view various social media sites on the map. Agencies can use this solution to track street protests, attend disaster sites such as earth quake affected locations; to broadcast desired information thru map based social media sites and much more.

Our configurable product CyberServe Lite can be used to integrate GIS with various ERP systems like SharePoint, SAP, SalesForce, BobJ etc. Check out CyberServe Lite our integration of GIS with SAP.

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