Local Government

Today in this fast paced generation; citizens’ demands from the government has increased. They expect government to improve citizen relations, increase administrative efficiency and provide reliable communication channel. To meet the increasing demands of the citizens government officials are exploring new ways to cope with the challenges of the globalization, emerging technologies and a more connected citizen base. Local government and local authorities are looking for strategic solutions to enhance services for citizens, automate tasks, increase efficiency, save money and generate revenue. CyberTech’s spatial solutions leverage the growing demands of the citizens and provide an outstanding approach to meet the needs of various departments of local government. Local government authorities can use our robust spatial solutions to view, manage, analyze, distribute, and publish data.


Effective management of election has been a challenge for most of the government authorities’ world-over. Managing electors and managing the geography of the polling locations are the major challenges. People change their base by moving in-out of jurisdiction, polling locations shift based on the population and availability. Election staff needs to keep a track of the eligible voters for their area, eligible voters need to find their polling place and route to reach the polling place while the political parties are interested in the vote count and the demographics. CyberTech’s geospatial Election solution meets the demands all the stakeholders by using the power of GIS. The robust database provides the facility to manage voter address data, determining polling location and details, disclosing precinct maps with the demographic data, delivering real-time election results and much more. Using our solutions election officials can instantly access electors’ information, manage polling locations, while voters can identify their polling location and the route to reach the polling place and cast their vote on time simultaneously the political parties can get instant vote count updates for various polling locations.

Public Works

Public Works department provides variety of services ranging from traffic engineering, bridge inspection, highway maintenance, sanitation, sign management, parks and facilities and others to strengthen the country’s infrastructure. To meet these demands they rely on variety of information such as work order systems, asset management systems, permitting systems, complaint center systems, and others, which is a major hurdle as each system offers a different array of interfaces and data to complete tasks. To meet the growing challenges of the Public works department CyberTech introduces a stand-alone geospatial solution that allows working with different data types and automating the tasks, improves productivity and efficiency by linking various divisions in public works departments. Using this application you will be able to streamline workflow processes and enhance customer service.


Government officials and municipal corporations are looking for strategic solutions to provide excellent health care services to their citizens. CyberTech’s geospatial solution for the Health care sector provides effective decision support system including management capabilities, user friendly graphical user interface, and cartographic visualization to help the government/public sector to help citizens to easily locate hospitals, clinics, doctors, and health related organizations on a map. Facility to get the route from a location to the healthcare provider along with directions and landmarks helps citizens to reach the nearest medical facility, improve response time, and thus save lives during emergency. Proximity analysis helps the healthcare providers to map market demand assessment, market segmentation, evaluate country’s health opportunities, availability of existing health care services which are useful to setup a new health facility such as hospital, dispensary, blood bank, diagnostic centers, and other related services.

Land Records

Land which is a scarce natural resource has been the most valuable possession of mankind and is an important asset of any nation. The economic development of a nation is largely depends on the state of the land and its usage because any developmental activity is nearly impossible without taking land into consideration. Land information is prime requisite for making decisions related to land investment, development and management. Managing land information has emerged as a matter of global concern. Government officials, planners, land administrators, as well as individual citizens all have the need for land information. Land records being crucial for public services, emergency management, public works and homeland security planning; it is therefore critical for government agencies to maintain accurate land records. CyberTech offers exclusive solution to manage Land Records; a robust database for centralized and highly secured storage of land records, geospatial technology facilitates for better visualization, planning and spatial analysis of land data which can be used by government or public sector agencies.

Planning & Development

The growing demands of the citizens and rapidly changing world have been constantly challenging the planning professionals to achieve their goals. To properly shape the future Planning professionals need to constantly keep a track of multiple urban and regional land data, transportation networks and housing stocks, forecast community needs and accordingly plan to improve the life of the communities. Looking into the growing demands of the planning and development professionals to meet the global challenges CyberTech has developed a unique GIS based solution which can be used as a planner for the people. This solution provides the facility to access real accurate data and the ability to visualize the data on the maps will improve the efficiency of the government and help them take effective quality decisions. Government officials will be able to plan for disasters before they happen and mitigate after impacts. Ability to view the data on map helps the planners to determine the location to effectively allocate and locate the resources.

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