We provide solutions to help law enforcement agencies accelerate public safety. Our GIS based solution caters to all the roles and aspects of law enforcement. Law enforcement agencies can use this solution to determine optimal locations to deploy resources, perform resource analysis and allocation. Identify, examine, and analyze trends of suspicious activity and threats and make informed decision and operational adjustments. They can also exchange information with other law enforcement agencies to seek assistance during emergency.

Real Time Crime Center

Today the law enforcement and public safety personnel are facing various challenges to protect and secure its citizens from crime incidents. These professionals from the police office on patrol to the intelligence analyst all need information to quickly gain awareness and understand patterns and trends to address crime incidents. To meet the growing demands of the public safety department and ensure a safe society for the citizens CyberTech introduces a Real Time Crime Center which helps to identify crime affected locations on the map and analyze crime incidents, track vehicles and personnel, identify and locate warrants and gangs, generate various reports to analyze crime type, generate route to visit crime locations. The public safety department can use this application to improve policing attempts to fight crime and help deploy resources more effectively, locate crime affected areas on the map, analyze and pre-plan to safeguard the area, plan and allocate the professionals at various crime affected locations to mitigate the crime incidents.


We have incidents of fire related natural disasters threatening public safety, destroying property and damaging natural resources. It is necessary to protect communities, infrastructure and natural resources from fire damage. CyberTech’s robust integrated geo-spatial solution deals with emergency preparedness, response and recovery measures with a view to mitigate human suffering and loss of property caused by fire related natural disasters and emergency incidents threatening life and property. Firefighters, rescue workers and other emergency personnel can use this application to plan against, prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies and disasters due to fire incidents. The emergency department can quickly conduct risk assessment to effectively manage and allocate public safety resources and staffing the fire disaster site. Visualizing fire incidents and threat zones on the map will improve the response time, enhance safety and enable seamless planning to handle fire emergencies.


Government officials and municipal corporations are looking for strategic solutions to provide excellent health care services to their citizens. CyberTech’s geospatial solution for the Health care sector provides effective decision support system including management capabilities, user friendly graphical user interface, and cartographic visualization to help the government/public sector to help citizens to easily locate hospitals, clinics, doctors, and health related organizations on a map. Facility to get the route from a location to the healthcare provider along with directions and landmarks helps citizens to reach the nearest medical facility, improve response time, and thus save lives during emergency. Proximity analysis helps the healthcare providers to map market demand assessment, market segmentation, evaluate country’s health opportunities, availability of existing health care services which are useful to setup a new health facility such as hospital, dispensary, blood bank, diagnostic centers, and other related services.

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