GeoShield is the pre-eminent Public Safety platform for leveraging spatial technologies in real time crime analysis and intelligence led policing, designed by law enforcement professionals, for use by law enforcement professionals.

The GeoShield design and management team incorporates 35+ years of experience including but not limited to: modern crime analysis, Real-Time Crime Center management, patrol, investigations, etc. This deep expertise and first-hand knowledge of the true needs of Public Safety are primary drivers in the design and functionality of GeoShield.

Today’s Public Safety agencies require accessible data driven crime analytics, simplified operational workflows and advanced search software. GeoShield is designed to remove barriers and empower Public Safety Staff at all levels to improve their ability to protect the public, increase officer safety, and reduce crime.

Microsoft Azure Government, the first – and only – hyperscale commercial infrastructure cloud platform contractually committed to meeting CJIS requirements for federal, state and local governments, empowers public safety agencies to achieve greater transparency and responsiveness during a time of tight budgets. The financial and long term benefits relating to the integration of existing systems (i.e. RMS, CAD, AVL, etc.) through a cloud based, fully scalable, portal, makes GeoShield Azure “the” next generation solution for your agency.

GeoShield leverages Esri’s ArcGIS mapping platform for advanced geo-analysis, visualization and the sharing/collaboration of map based data.

GeoShield heralds the future of Public Safety operations.

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